New Delhi: The Supreme Court of India has upheld the capital punishment to lone surviving terrorist involved in 26/11 Mumbai attack and now it is believed that what will soon he will be executed. His case has once again sparked the speculation that which are the countries where capital punishment is still awarded to a convict guilty of horrendous criminal act. Capital punishment has been abolished in most parts of the world, especially in Europe, but there are still many countries where the death penalty is awarded to a person who is found guilty of a gruesome criminal act.  

Ab mujhe faasi kab hogi? asks Kasab

Following is a list displaying various modes of capital punishment for a criminal in various countries

Afghanistan, Sudan: Stone pelting and hanging till death.
Bangladesh, Cameroon, Syria, Uganda, Kuwait, Iran, and Egypt: Firing squad, hanging till death.
Yemen, Togo, Turkmenistan, Thailand, Bahrain, Republic of Chile, Indonesia, Ghana and Republic of Armenia:  Firing squad.
China: Lethal injection, firing squad.
The Philippines: Lethal injection.
USA: Electrocution, hanging till death, firing squad, lethal gas.