A crew member says, “We were returning to our hotel and were on the NH 8 near Mahipalpur. Just then Varun spotted an injured person on the highway; his car had been damaged by another vehicle. Varun quickly got out of his car and had the man, who was bleeding profusely, ferried to a hospital.”

Alia too accompanied the rest of the crew to the hospital and stayed there till the victim’s family had arrived. “On that day, two fans, siblings actually, were following Varun in their car. Varun went in their car to the hospital. He completed the initial formalities as well, even though he had flight to catch. Both he and Alia wanted to make sure that the man was treated as soon as possible,” says the crew member.

This person is said to be still recuperating in the hospital. Varun says, “I didn’t think much; I just did what my instinct told me to at that point of time. I am just happy to know that the boy is out of danger now.”

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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