A source says, “The local crew started supplying Varun with scary stories about the suite. They told him how Frank Sinatra stayed in that very suite whenever he came to perform in Vegas and thought of it as his home. So even after his death, he hasn’t checked out of there.”

The ghost story became a regular topic of conversation for the crew and Varun, believing that they were trying to pull a prank on him, used to laugh them off until one night.

“After a long, tiring day of shoot, he went to his room and tried to sleep, but he heard some strange sounds and the door creaked open on its own. The stories that he had dismissed until then came back to him,” adds a unit member.

Sharing the scary experience, Varun says, “The suite was definitely haunted because at night I would hear someone singing and the doors would just fling open. Either that happened, or I felt so since I was really obsessed with my film’s music.”


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