New Delhi: BJP MP Varun Gandhi on Sunday raised the issue of "unidentified" donations to political parties and targeted the BSP calling it a "rich party of poor people".

"How come parties in power receive the most 'unidentified' donations?", he tweeted in an apparent reference to a media report which said that most political parties were getting a bulk of funds from unidentified donors.

In another tweet, he took a swipe at UP Chief Minister Mayawati's party.

"India, poor country of rich people. BSP, rich party of poor people," said Varun on the social networking site Twitter.

"Does an undisclosed donation = black money, bribes, or both?", he said.

The report listed the ruling Congress as having the maximum funds from unidentified donors followed by the BSP. Interestingly Varun Gandhi's own party the BJP is also a beneficiary of contributions from unidentified donors, according to the report.

Political parties do not have to disclose donors who make contributions lesser than Rs 20,000 as per law.