"The university administration seeks your kind cooperation and requests you to advise your ward to avoid any activity that will affect the reputation of the institution from which they wish to graduate," Appa Rao appealed in a release to parents of the HCU students.
"The university was and will always be committed to freedom of speech and expression. While difference of opinion and dissent is not discouraged, the university certainly does not take kindly to vandalism and other acts of indiscipline," Rao said.
He was referring to ransacking of the VC's lodge on March 22 allegedly by a section of students, when he resumed his duty after going on leave at the height of agitation over the suicide of research scholar Rohith Vemula on January 17.

He said the university has set up mechanisms for grievance redressal at all stages of administration. "We request you to please remain in touch with your ward and encourage them to seek redressal through those mechanisms, should they need it, at their respective Department/School".
The students should feel free to approach their mentees/ heads to talk to them about any anxieties or problems, he said, adding, "We wish to reassure the parents that the university will always be for students and will not shirk its responsibility towards them".



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