New Delhi (Agencies): He is all set to play—Tere mast mast do nain, Tujhe bhula diya and other such romantic numbers—in the run up to February 14, but Suketu, one of India's most popular DJs, said the spirit of Valentine's Day parties is losing colour.

"When I started Djing, Valentine's fever was big. In fact, I feel it was bigger than what it is now. I think over the years it has died down slightly," said Mumbai-based Suketu through an e-mail.

Suketu, who released his first album—440 Volts—in 2002, said it is no longer a requisite to play music at a Valentine's Day party if you are a known DJ, unlike before.

"It's not important to have a Valentine's Day party. If you are spinning at one, it's great, but if not, it is no big deal and is understandable and very much acceptable, unlike on Christmas and New Year Eves," he added.

In fact, he is not going to spin at all on February 14.

"I am not playing anywhere on Valentine's Day itself, as it is on a Monday this year and people don't really want to get out and party. They prefer a dinner with their spouse," Suketu said

Nevertheless, he is already booked to play at two pre-Valentine's Day parties—in Mumbai on February 12, and a day later in Hyderabad.

Popular for remix hits like—Pyaar zindagi hai, Bin tere sanam, Woh lamhe and Aadat—Suketu has also worked on a special remix for the Valentine's Day.

"I have worked on a special remix for Valentine's Day. I have re-remixed 'Bin Tere Sanam'. It's been one of my biggest hits and I think it is one of the best love songs ever. So I have re-worked the whole track and am going to be playing it at both my gigs in Mumbai and Hyderabad," he informed.

"I presume the biggest change that I have noticed in people is the hugely undeniable entry of Bollywood music in all parties. No matter where and who the crowd is, Bollywood gets things grooving.

"Moreover, what I've noticed is earlier the crowd used to like a session of slow dancing when it came to Valentine's parties; now they love only remixed versions.

Suketu likes to keep his own Valentine's Day a quiet affair with his wife. He plans for a romantic dinner with his wife, preferably at home. The couple also has cooking plans in mind as both of them are foodies and very good cooks. A bottle of wine will be on menu for relaxing, he said.

On professional front, Suketu is also looking forward to some good work in 2011, as he will be remixing the music for—Race 2—among other films. He will also launch his new album soon.