New Delhi: Now it’s controversy queen Veena Malik versus contentious rapper Ishq Bector. The Pakistani actress flared up when rapper Ishq Bector approached her to star in the video of ‘Saali Bitch:2’ the sequel to his contentious single.     

The model turned actress who became famous in India and invited cleric’s anger back home with her antics on the hit reality TV show 'Bigg Boss', is not thrilled with the offer.

"He had the guts to approach me for a sequel to that song 'Saali Bitch'. He wanted me to 'debut' in his music video that he plans to come up with and is calling it Saali Bitch:2," said Malik.

"I'm someone who supports women's issue and causes, and this guy Ishq Bector just approached me to feature in his next video. He is destroying today's youth with such messages. For me it's a straight decline," added the 32-year-old.

Bector has time and again raised the hackles of the Censor Board with his "bawdy" lyrics and videos.

Malik herself is no stranger to controversy. She was branded "baighiarat" (immoral) by Muslim clerics on national television in Pakistan for her behavior on 'Bigg Boss' where she was seen getting cozy with both actor Ashmit Patel and model Hrishant Goswami.
But Malik's feisty stance against the criticism earned her praise from the liberal sections of Pakistani media and society.