Malik alleged Singh was also blackmailing her for money and cheap popularity. Singh was earlier responsible for handling digital media for Malik in India.

“He is a liar, his allegations are baseless. He was like a brother, he used to love me like his sister," she said, referring to Singh's claim that he was her boyfriend.

Malik said she had been busy after her marriage to Dubai-based businessman Asad Bashir Khan Khattak in December 2013 and could not change the password of her accounts on social networking sites.

Singh "was my employee on a salary of Rs 10,000. He is an Indian citizen, he should live within his limits," Malik was quoted as saying by a news channel.

The Pakistani actress claimed she had paid Singh an advance of Rs three lakh. She said she reserved the right to take legal action against Singh for claiming that he was her boyfriend.

Noting that she is quite happy with her husband, Malik said, "He is a Pathan, he knows how to protect me."    

Malik had triggered a controversy by doing a topless photo shoot for an Indian magazine. She was denounced by extremists and clerics in Pakistan for her topless photo shoot.


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