Mumbai: The irrepressible Veena Malik is back in Mumbai, and this time for a good 45 days, to shoot for two Bollywood films. She's naturally very excited about her debut in Hindi cinema and has rented a seven-star apartment in suburban Mumbai, giving us an indication that she plans to settle down in the city.

But this news has not gone down well with certain people from the film industry. Actor Raza Murad, who is also the chairperson of the joint settlement dispute committee of the Cine and TV Artists Association (CINTAA), is extremely vocal about Veena's presence in India.

Voicing his opinion, Raza Murad said, "I'm sorry to say Veena Malik is the Pakistani counterpart of Rakhi Sawant. She keeps flying between the two countries as though she's commuting between Bandra and Malad. But for us Indians it's easier to go to the moon than visit Pakistan."

"Sometimes she's here for shows. But I've also seen her flying down to Mumbai to feed cake to Ashmit Patel on his birthday," added the actor.

When he was reminded that Mahesh Bhatt initiated the process of getting Pakistani artistes into India, Murad said, "I respect Bhatt Saab's gesture. He calls Pakistani artistes with good intentions. "Lekin saamne wale ki neeyat bhi to achchi honi chahiye," he remarked.
Friendship between India and Pakistan has to be bilateral, he said. He asserted, "We're never invited to their country. Even if we are, we never get the visas on time.


"Sportspersons, mediapersons and entertainers from Pakistan thoroughly enjoy our hospitality. But the warmth is totally one-sided. They make crores in India. But do not disclose their income and head straight to the airport after making their money and abusing our hospitality."

Recalling his work with Pakistani actor Zeba Bakhtiar in Randhir Kapoor's Henna, he said,  "She was treated so well by us. Others like Madame Salma Agha and Mr Adnan Sami who are staying in India for years, are enjoying every facility given to an Indian citizen. Forget Atithee tum kab jaoge, our attitude is, Atithee tum kab aaoge."

Pampered Veena

Meanwhile, Veena, who is currently in the city, revealed that Ashmit Patel is sending home-cooked khana to her residence. "Ashmit has a very good cook and he knows my food habits. He eats healthy food just like I do, the actor maintained"