Veenu Paliwal, was on nation wide tour accompanied by her fellow biker Dipesh Tanvar. The lady from Jaipur, struggled alot to reach her much dreamt destinations as she faced many obstacles in her life. But the stuggle of brave Veenu met a dead end yesterday.

Here is the short story of India's daredevil woman biker - Veenu Paliwal...

She  was famous for driving her Harley Davidson bike at 180 Kmph. The 44-year-old bike enthusiast was also known as 'Lady of Harley' and her friends used to call her 'HOG Rani' with love. She once had admitted in an interview to Jaipur Women Blog, that she was inspired by her father since childhood.

Here journey of biking started with earlier lessons on how to ride bike during her collage days where she learned  riding bike from her friends, but she couldn't pursue her passion back then as she wasn't allowed to ride bike alone.

Veenu's passion was once again struck with another obstacle when she was married to a man who opposed her dream of riding bikes. Later, she ended the marriage to pursue her passion.

Veenu Paliwal was riding her Harley Davidson on a nation wide tour when she met a tragic accident in MP. Paliwal wanted to make a documentary of her motorbike journeys across the country. She owned a Victorian tea room lounge known as Chah Bar in Jaipur. Paliwal is survived by a son and a daughter. Veenu Paliwal had a dream of someday joining politics and spreading awareness about driving and riding bikes with safety.

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