Tomato prices have jumped from Rs 50 last week to Rs 70 per kg in the retail markets this week, traders said. Over a month ago, tomatoes, which are integral to preparation of most Punjabi dishes, were selling at around Rs 20 per kg.

Traders said that prices of other commonly consumed vegetables have also witnessed an increase. Most of the vegetables including potato, cauliflower, green peas, capsicum, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, spinach, cucumber, and pumpkin, among other vegetables have registered an increase in their prices.

Traders also point out that scanty rains in the two agrarian states have resulted in short supply of some of the vegetables.

In the retail market, 'Pahari' variety of potato is selling between Rs 35-Rs 40 per kg while a kg of green peas is priced between Rs 80-Rs 100 depending on its quality.

Onion prices, however, have remained stable at around Rs 25 per kg. Other vegetables including beans, capsicum, cauliflower have also witnessed rise in their prices, traders said.

Both Punjab and Haryana have received scanty rains owing to weak monsoon so far this year.

Cucumbers, which are high in demand during summers, have also become costly selling at Rs 30-Rs 40 per kg for different varieties as against Rs 10-Rs 20 per kg earlier.

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