Peas and Tomatoes from India have reached in large quantity in the markets. The pea bags which used to be sold at Rs 3,000 are now to Rs 1,200 while the price of 22 kg tomato bags came down to Rs 700. The prices of local tomato reduced to Rs 200 per 12 kg.

The Indian vegetables are also being exported to Afghanistan. The pea imported from India was in high demand in the local markets of both the countries.

President of Vegetables Association Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Malik Sohni Khan said that 'Adrak', 'Thoom' and 'Limo', which were earlier imported only from China, are now being imported from India as well.

The trade with China in these commodities is approximately Rs 200 million a month, he said. Malik Fateh Muhammad, a vegetable trader said that of the total 25 trucks vegetables imported from India, ten were sent to Kabul while the remaining 15 were sold in Peshawar.

He told that the prices of the vegetables decreased due to arrival of the Indian vegetables and had this not occurred the prices would have jumped manifold here.

Potato was imported from India despite the fact its prices were low in the local markets, he said.

The production of ginger has almost ended in Peshawar after its massive import from India. A 50 kg bag of ginger is being sold at Rs 4,800 in the local markets.

Another dealer Anis said though the local farmers were affected from the import of Indian vegetables but it was giving much relief to the people. Pea farmer Saqib said that the vegetables imported from India have affected the entry of locally produced vegetables in the markets.

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