Dehradun: The much-awaited high-security number plate on vehicles would be implemented in Dehradun from February 21. As per the plan the number plates, in the first phase, would be implemented on new vehicles only. After installation of these number plates, RC would be issued to the vehicle owners.

The fees would vary according to the nature of number plates which will also include VAT and other taxes.

In the coming days, registration for more than 1200 vehicles will be done in the state.

Prices of Number plates:

For two-wheelers: Rs 215. 96

Three wheelers: Rs 234.96

Tractors: Rs 215.78

Bus: Rs 393.87

(Additional Vat taxes will have to be paid)

Important points:

Indian Motor Vehicle Act 2001 lays a provision of implementation of high-security number plate

The letters should be in Arabic and English

Each plate shall be protected against counterfeiting by applying chromium-based hologram of hot-stamping containing IND of blue colour at left centre of plate.

The plates will be fastened with non-removable-non-reusable snap lock.

(JPN/ Bureau)