"The Third Front is only a parking slot. It has no policy and commitment. All the leaders from Third Front have an ambition to become Prime Minister and everyone of them has his own agenda," Venkaiah said.

Eleven Left and secular parties had on Tuesday came together claiming to be the alternative and vowed to defeat both Congress and BJP in the coming Lok Sabha polls

The announcement was made after a meeting in New Delhi of the leaders of JD(U), Samajwadi Party, AIADMK, JD(S), Jharkhand Vikas Morcha and four Left parties.

Stating that vote for ‘Third Front’ is only a vote for Congress, the BJP leader said, "The formation of Third Front is only to divide the anti-Congress vote."

The nation is looking towards BJP's prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi and to throw away Congress from power, Naidu said.

"The wave is in favour of Modi," he said, while claiming that many thinkers and leaders from other national organisations were now preparing to join hands with BJP.

Alleging that the Congress has lost its credibility, he said the major issues in the coming elections would be - corruption, inflation, suicide by farmers, lower growth rate and fiscal and trade deficits.

He said many surveys have shown that the BJP will definitely win about 247 seats in the general elections, which is only 25 seats short of the magic mark of 272 (needed to form government) in a House of 543.


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