New Delhi: Drug firm Venus Remedies is planning to launch its generic version of anti-cancer drug Docetaxel in around 10 European countries, including Germany and Spain, as it is eyeing a sales of 10 million euro from the continent by 2014.
"We are looking for tie-ups with country specific companies in around ten nations in Europe to launch Docetaxel.

We have plans to build Docetaxel a 10 million euro product by 2014," Venus Remedies CMD Pawan Chaudhary.
The patent protection of Sanofi Aventis for the molecule has recently expired in major European countries like UK, France and Italy, while in the rest of the countries, the expiry of patent is due in November 2013.
Docetaxel was initially developed by Sanofi-Aventis and is marketed under the brand name 'Taxotere'.     

"This recent patent expiry has further enhanced the prospects for Venus Remedies to market Docetaxel and capture a significant market share," Chaudhary said.
Besides, Germany and Spain, the company is looking for tie-ups in the UK, Italy, France, Netherlands, Austria and Slovenia to launch the drug.
In addition, Venus plans to launch the drug in Portugal by the end of 2011 as it has already received regulatory approval to market the drug.
The company's Germany based wholly-owned subsidiary, Venus Pharma GmbH has received the market authorisation for marketing the product in Portugal.
At present, the European market for Docetaxel is worth around USD 1.6 billion, Chaudhary added.
The company, at present, is marketing Docetaxel under the brand name 'Doxol' in various emerging markets, including Columbia and Thailand.
Docetaxel is used mainly for the treatment of breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, prostate cancer, gastric adenocarcinoma, head and neck cancer and ovarian cancer.
Citing industry estimates, Venus Remedies said the global anti-cancer market size would touch USD 103.9 billion by 2012.