Kochi:  The Kerala High Court on Friday partially heard the petition filed by the Italian government and the two marines, arrested in connection with the killing of two Indian fishermen, and posted the petition to March 6.

Justice P S Gopinathan also expressed dissatisfaction on the petition filed by the Italian Consulate General as there were some defects in the rectified petition also.

The petitioners, meanwhile, contended that there are contradictions in the FIR and remand report with regard to the place of occurrence of the incident.

As per the FIR, the ship was 33 nautical miles away from the coast, whereas the remand report stated that the distance was 22.5 nautical miles, they submitted.

They also contended that the law governing a ship will be of that country whose flag is masted on the vessel.

The petitioners also handed over a copy of International Maritime Treaty of the United Nations, to which India is a signatory, to the court.

Marines Latore Massimiliano and Salvatore Gironi have been arrested and charged with murder for allegedly gunning down the two fishermen on February 15 off Kollam coast after suspecting them to be pirates.