Pakistan's Ambassador to the UN, Maleeha Lodhi, speaking in the Inter-Governmental Negotiations on Security Council reform here on March 9, said, "The use of the veto in the Security Council prevented a resolution of the longstanding dispute of Kashmir and hindered implementation of UN Resolutions on the issue".

Her remarks were made available in a press release issued by the Pakistan mission to the UN. According to UN records, Russia - a permanent member of the Security Council - had in 1962 vetoed an Irish resolution that had urged India and Pakistan to enter negotiations for settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

Lodhi reiterated Pakistan's position on the veto, saying that it was opposed to adding new permanent members to the Council with or without a veto.

She said any privileged role in decision-making contradicts the shared goal of making the Security Council more democratic, representative and accountable, according to the press release.

"Pakistan supports expansion of the Security Council only in the non-permanent category," she added. In the meeting, India's Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Syed  Akbaruddin had reaffirmed India's position that the veto should, as long as it exists, be extended to new permanent members and as a measure of "flexibility and willingness for compromise", the use of the veto can be deferred till a future Review Conference.

Strongly opposing deferment of veto issue, Lodhi said that Pakistan considers veto as an important key issue that needs to be tackled as part of a comprehensive reform of the Security Council, the press release added.

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