Chandigarh: The shooting of Kathryn Bigelow's film on Osama bin Laden ‘Zero Dark 30’ faced resistance from the local organisations for depicting Manimajra a remote town near Chandigarh as Abottabad where the Al-Queda leader was killed by the US force.

Failing to seek permission from Pakistan, Iran and Iraq governments to shoot for the film, Bigelow has been shooting the movie in the outskirts of Chandigarh. 

The film's crew has been shooting in prominent markets, at the Punjab Engineering College here and at Patiala with shop boards in Urdu, auto-rickshaws with Lahore number plates, burqa-clad women and men in shalwar-kameez, chappals and skullcaps.

Protesting for showing Chandigarh as Pakistan, VHP activists objected to the shooting of the film. The crew was forced to cancel the shoot and move their cameras away after the protests. The activists protested against the hoisting of Pakistani flag as well.

"They (the movie crew) are showing Chandigarh as Pakistan, this is not acceptable in any terms. Why should any place in India be converted to look like Pakistan? We will never allow Pakistani flags to be hoisted at different places in the city where the shooting is taking place," said Vijay Bharadwaj, an activist of the VHP.