Allahabad: Hailing the Supreme Court order upholding the death sentence to Ajmal Kasab, the VHP on Wednesday demanded that the 26/11 accused be executed without much delay and warned that allowing him to remain in jail for long could lead to a repeat of incidents like the Kandahar hijack case.

"Now, it has become important that Kasab is hanged as soon as possible and his execution is not delayed inordinately. Terrorists like Kasab, if allowed to stay in the country's jails for long, may become a cause for a grave threat to national security.

"We must not forget that the presence of jailed terrorists in our jails had led their associates to enact the Kandahar plan hijack drama after which militants had to be released at the expense of exposing the nation to another round of vicious attacks", VHP international working president Praveen Togadia said in a statement.

He also demanded early execution of Afzal Guru, who has filed a mercy petition before the President after having been awarded death sentence in the Parliament terror attack case of 2001.

The VHP leader, whose twitter account was blocked by the telecom department in the wake of the ongoing ethnic strife in Assam, condemned the government's move as "illegal, undemocratic and unconstitutional" and alleged that this was done keeping vote bank politics in mind.


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