"Our aim was only one: that we come to Parliament with a big majority. Only building the Ram temple was not our aim. We wanted to come in such large number that the Ram temple is also built subsequently and no one dares to bring the temple down," Singhal said at an event organised by industrialist B K Modi here on Thursday.
Claiming that the relevance of minority vote bank is over, he said the Muslims should make sure that they are not used as vote bank.
"When such a big political event has taken place in the country, Muslims should make sure they are not used as vote bank and they should also not allow it to happen. Just as the whole society has come together for the betterment of the nation, they should also join in and work for the prosperity of the nation," Singhal said.
Singhal said till now vote bank politics was in play during elections and that too in the ‘garb of secular politics, which has been exposed’.
“People of the country can now understand that how significant it is to chase Muslim votes and how relevant it is to chase Muslim votes, its relevance is not visible now,” he added.
"In this country, vote-bank politics should not be done, whether it is division on basis of caste, religion, or community.. the country gets weakened because of all this.. and till now this used to happen due to which coalition government would come to power", the VHP leader said.
"One party coming to power was not possible earlier because everyone was busy dividing the country. I believe Narendra Modi has brought the country and its people together," he said.
He said reservation has nothing to do with vote bank.

"Reservation came into existence because 15 per cent of our people were termed untouchables (Dalits). I believe untouchables should be given an opportunity to move ahead," he said.


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