"Beau embodied my father's saying that a parent knows success when his child turns out better than he did," the Vice President said.

US President Barack Obama, said in a statement, "Michelle and I are grieving tonight. Beau Biden was a friend of ours. His beloved family -- Hallie, Natalie, and Hunter -– are friends of ours. And Joe and Jill Biden are as good as friends get."
"Like his dad, Beau was a good, big-hearted, devoutly Catholic and deeply faithful man, who made a difference in the lives of all he touched -- and he lives on in their hearts," the President said.
Obama called it a "a testament to Joe and Jill -- to who they are -- that Beau lived a life that was full; a life that mattered; a life that reflected their reverence for family."

Beau became a national political star in 2008 after delivering a stirring introduction of his father at the Democratic National Convention in Denver the night Joe Biden accepted the nomination for Vice President.

Beau was being considered the front-runner for the 2016 race to become the state's next governor, but in August 2013 he was admitted to one of the world's most renowned cancer treatment centres, MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, to begin his fight with the disease.
According to the Vice President's office, Beau underwent surgery in Houston in 2013 and then followed a normal course of radiation and chemotherapy. By November 2013, he had been given a clean bill of health, but after a recurrence this spring, he began an aggressive treatment and was admitted to Walter Reed this month.

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