Khargone: Amid high uproar and national outrage over brutal gang rape of 23-year-old girl in moving bus in Delhi, a woman scientist triggered a controversy by making an insensitive remark over the whole incident.

Anita Shukla, a scientist in Khargone Agricultural Research Centre, sparked a controversy during a seminar by blaming the gang rape victim for all the pain she is suffering.

While addressing a seminar on ‘Sensitivity towards Women' called by the Madhya Pradesh police department, the scientist said that there had been no need of removing the victim’s intestine if she would have surrendered herself before the rapists.

Sparking another controversy, Shukla said that the wrong clothing sense and late night-outs lead to such incidences.

“Rapes are tend to happen after late night-outs and wrong dressing sense. The incident won’t have occurred if the girl would have worn right clothes and was not out on streets at night,” Shukla said in her address.

Refusing to budge from her statement, Shukla told the mediapersons that the victim could have helped policemen in ensuring stern punishment for all the six rapists, if she would have submitted to the gang rape after being over-powered in the moving bus.

While expressing views over scientist’s statement, Senior Superintendent of police (SSP), MS  Chauhan said that Anita Shukla was invited to the seminar as a speaker. Whatever she said during that juncture, was her personal views over the incident. He futher clarified that he do not support her statements.

District Vice-President of BJP, Chhaya Joshi condemned Shukla’s remarks and termed it as a publicity stunt. She said that every woman would be shocked by such insensitive statements.


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