New Delhi: Who could forget 1971 war veteran Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, who is known as the hero of  this war.It was due to him that India could defeat Pakistan in 1971 war and it resulted into the creation of a country which was later came to be known as Bangladesh.

During an interview he had revealed some instances which happened during the war. Manekshaw had said that the then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi was very much worried about the situation prevailing in Eastern part of Pakistan. She called an emergency meeting on April 27 in that year and expressed her concern for the things going on there. Incidentally, Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw was also invited in the meeting.

Gandhi told Sam that India will have to do something.He was asked to go to Eastern Pakistan which was , however, turned down by Manekshaw. But this was not liked by Gandhi and she asked to give a clarification to her.

Sam told her that at that time neither Indian Army was fully prepared nor it had been given any training so that India could win the war with less number of casualties. He frankly told her that situation was quite adverse then.

He remained adamant on his point and frankly told her that he required time to mobilise and train the Indian Army. Manekshaw said that he would tell her everything when the Indian Army would move there which, however, didn’t like by Gandhi and went on to soured his relations with her. But later on Manekshaw went meet her after preparing a blueprint on war Gandhi as well as her Cabinet colleagues enquired from him how long this war would go Manekshaw told her that as Bangladesh was as large as France it would take at-least one and half month to two months to cover the distance from one end to another end and so, war would an equal time to end.

Fortunately, it lasted for only -14 days. At this Gandhi’s cabinet colleagues asked Manekshaw why didn’t he reveal it earlier.
Field Marshal Manekshaw said that if the war had stretched to 15 days in place of 14 –days, her cabinet colleagues would have dragged him.

He said that when the war was in its last phase, he put an  agreement paper before Pakistan Army Chief and asked him to put his signature on it.

He then asked Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Aurora who was the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Eastern Command of the Indian Army during War to prepare four such copies .He further asked One copy to be given to Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, the then lieutenant-general of the Pakistan Army while second one was to be given to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi , while third one should be given to Lieutenant General Arora while fourth copy he asked to be kept in his office.

He said that when he came back to India with a contingent of more than 90,000 Pakistani Army personnel, he had to manage the fooding as well as lodging of the Pak Army.

During the war he also went to visit Pakistani camp and met Subedar as well as Major rank officials who shook hands with him . He then enquired about the facilities available in the Pakistani camp and shared meal with them.

He also went to meet an army personnel in the camp who refused to shake hands with him.

When Manekshaw asked him as to why he did so at first the he hesitated but at last he shook hands with him . The Army man said that now I have realized how you managed a victory. The Pakistani Army personnel said that our officer General Niyazi had never met him with open hearts the way he had come forward to receive him.

Pakistani Army personnel said that General Niyazi was an egoistic person and didn’t give importance to anybody. The army man become emotional after saying so.

In fact, Sam Manekshaw was such an army official who used to love his companions very much. He was always ready to share their happiness as well as grief. It was a quality in him which made him favorite of all in Indian Army.


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