It is now written in golden words in the history of India after Independence about a fathomless efficiency and mesmerizing impact of a political leader who could galvanize the mindset of Indian citizens to vote for development alone.

To achieve a strong mandate for the party is quite praiseworthy, however, the impeccable impact of his personality and quality of governance played a pivotal role in mobilizing the mass.

His words during the general election campaign seemed to be the outcome of heartfelt feelings for the people of India and it would be precise to mention that he touched people at the recess of the heart by saying “the central government is not meant for few hiccups rather for 125 crores of people of the nation”. His commitment to people could be gauged by another statement ‘Ache Din Aa Gaye Hai’.

It  is not hyperbolic that the politicians who are actually our representatives forget their truthfulness and dedication to people, as a result, they make common man bereft of basic needs and requirements.

If we ponder over issues like corruption at peak, faith of people in government machinery and politicians falling flat, hypocritical faces of political leaders on inert movement on developmental projects and so on so forth, a decade of Manmohan Singh led government at Centre can be held responsible for all resulting the plight of Indians in sordid.

The very definition of democracy and purpose of democratic election get defeated when a particular family and its members reign supreme. It is quite interesting that the dynastic form of rule was abolished long back but its presence is felt time and again as a jolt to democratic system.

Nevertheless, people of this nation have come out of slumber and showed how much aware they are and they will not allow the elected ones to befool them further.

Dr A Jha/JPN