Dean Smith from Scottsdale, Arizona, made a video for his lady love Jennifer Kessel. The video shows he has been asking for her hand for 365 days.

It was Jennifer's birthday and the entire Kessel family was on vacation  in Aruba, where Jennifer was instructed through a whiteboard held by her sister Jaclyn to go down to the lobby.

Then her brother and a friend helped Jennifer reach the beach, where her father and stepmother were waiting to hand her over a device through which she could watch the film.

Dean spent more than a year preparing to pop the question to Jennifer Kessel, on her 26th birthday.
Smith videotaped himself each day for a year -- starting on January 8, 2014 -- holding up a sign declaring his love for Kessel.

"For the next year, I'll show you how much I love you and that you're in my thoughts every day," he says at the beginning of the video. "I want to marry you."

Smith then spliced the footage together in a video package for Kessel who watches for the first time on the beach in Aruba.

"The thoughtfulness that went into making of this video is truly beyond any words that I have," Kessel said. "When I turned around and saw Dean standing in front of me, we both broke down in tears," she added.

The whole idea behind making the video was Kessel's love of watching videos.

Kessel was so overwhelmed that she had to pause to compose herself with a tissue before walking up to meet him. And, then like all romantic films, Dean bends down on one knee and she said 'yes'.

Watch the proposal video: