The company will also offer 4G mobile Internet plans bundled with mobile devices in these service areas.
"We have partially launched our 2G service in UP East, UP West and Bihar service areas. Our plan is to launch 4G service across select cities starting December with an investment of Rs 1,200 crore spread over three years," Videocon Telecom Director and CEO Arvind Bali said.
The company has selected telecom equipment firms Huawei and Nokia Networks as its technology partner to launch 4G service in 29 cities across these service area and Deloitte as its consulting partner.
Telecom equipment companies claim to have achieved 4G mobile broadband speed of about 68 megabit per second in India. At a speed of 1.5 mbps, a user can watch high definition video without any buffering which is similar to watching video on television.
At a speed of 68 mbps, a video equivalent to general Bollywood movie can be downloaded in about 2 minutes.
"We will offer 4G mobile broadband at par with 2G and 3G rates in 29 cities. People will be able to make voice calls using the broadband that will be offered to them. We are going to deploy Voice over LTE Technology for this. In rest of the cities we will offer 2G service," Bali said.
The company will use its entire spectrum in 1800 Mhz band that it won in November 2012 auction for 4G service. The frequency that the company holds has most developed eco-system of 4G services both in terms of equipments and consumer devices.
Videocon has permit to operate in 7 service areas - Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar (including Jharkhand), Uttar Pradesh East and West but was operating only in 4 service area.