Mumbai: Sujoy Ghosh was apparently forced to postpone 'Kahani' release to January as his lead actress thinks her birth month is lucky for her.

Our Indian superstars are known for their quirks and superstitions, but here's one that takes the cake.Vidya Balan, apparently, thinks January is a lucky month for her.

Why, you may ask? Simply because it's her birth month! And while it's all very well she indulges in this credulous notion, Sujoy Ghosh, for one, is probably cursing his own luck.

Apparently, the filmmaker was all set to release his film Kahani this month during Durga Puja. Thanks to his lead star Vidya, he has had to push back his plans to January.

"Since the film is set against the backdrop of Durga Puja in Kolkata, the timing of the release this month would have been perfect. It would have been easier to promote the film during the festival, too," says a source from the crew.

The birthday girl, however, had other plans. "She has developed this superstition after No One Killed Jessica, which was released in January last year, did well. Kahani is a female-centric film and it is also Vidya's first solo lead.

She is feeling a lot more pressure as she doesn't have the Khans to fall back on. That is why she requested the producers to postpone the release date," claims the source.

Both Vidya and Sujoy were unavailable for comment. If indeed our source is right, let's hope the actress' birthday next year proves as lucky as she thinks it will be!