New Delhi: In a move to ensure transparency in execution of mega projects, Delhi government has decided to introduce an online system through which the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) will be able to monitor them.

“The VIG EYE (vigilant eye) has prepared a software which will be installed in all computers of Delhi Government. With the help of this system, CVC will act as a watch dog on the mega projects” PK Tripathi Chief Secretary of Delhi said. 

"It is an online platform through which the CVC will be able to monitor various stages of infrastructure projects. The executing agencies will have to feed various technical and other related data at various stages of the project," Tripathi said.

“To tighten the noose on the alleged irregularities in major infrastructure projects implemented by Delhi government, CVC will monitor the projects” he said.

Tripathi also supported the government claims of irregularities in the construction of Delhi metro.