New Delhi: A day after Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit blamed city police for failing to stop rising crimes against women, newly appointed state BJP president, Vijay Goel attributed it to her poor governance for the past 14-years.  
Talking to Jagran Post, Goel said, “Crimes against women have risen because of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. Instead of making national capital a better place for women, the Chief Minister is criticizing the Police Commissioner appointed by her own Congress Government at the Centre.”  

When asked about the ways to control such crimes, Goel said that the strong willpower to act tough against those who commit such heinous crimes is the need of the hour. The Sheila Dikshit government lacks it, added the BJP leader.
Delhi BJP chief said, “We need to do nothing special to control the rising graph of crimes against women. Just one strong message that those who will commit crime will not be spared is enough to put a check on it. At present, there is no fear of police in the minds of people in the city.”

The BJP leader also assured that if the party is voted to power in coming Assembly elections, its first priority will be to ensure better safety for women.

However, Goel, who vows to fight for women security, refused to extend his support to anti-rape law saying that so many laws are already in existence to deal with crimes against women and hence making another one makes no sense.
“There are already so many laws to check crimes against women but if you want to bring more such legislations, you are welcome to do so. But from my point of view what one needs to do is to strictly implement the existed laws,” said Goel.
Raghwendra Shukla/JPN

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