Party's chief spokesman Randeep Surjewala told reporters that 'sensational facts' have come in public domain reflecting a certain complicity of BJP leadership and Modi government in Mallya leaving the country.
"Facts now seem to suggest that Mallya has not left the country but made to run away with active abetment of government agencies," he claimed.
Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said, "There are two NRIs gifted by Modi ji in 20 months – first NRI is Lalit Modi - Non Returning Indian and second NRI is Vijay Mallya - Non Repaying Indian."
Noting that on July 29 last year, a CBI case was registered against Mallya, he said on October 12, the agency issued a look-out notice to detain the person concerned.

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"CBI unilaterally amended the notice and on November 23, 2015 amends its look-out notice to say - only send information. All this is happening when there is a money laundering probe going on by Enforcement Directorate, when Serious Fraud Investigation Office is examining a case against
Mallya and his companies," he said.
Besides, he wondered as to why the banks, "which directly or indirectly come under the Finance Ministry" failed to move the Supreme Court to get their dues by March 5 even though they were advised to do so on February 29 so that Mallya does not leave the country.
"Prime Minister Narendra Modi must answer to the nation. It must also be answered why was the look-out notice of CBI - which was for detention, was toned down to information notice. Secondly, when specific information was received on March 2, from immigration authorities to CBI that he was leaving the country, why was no action taken," he added.


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