Bangalore: A demand has been made for the constitution of an independent team of experts to look into the health and environmental implications of the proposed uranium mining project in Yadgir district of Karnataka.

Stressing that any Government-commissioned study may suppress' some facts to favour the project, a Congress MLA has called for an independent team of experts in the field of uranium and nuclear energy to look into
villagers' fears over perceived health and environmental safety hazards.

Shahapur MLA Sharana Basappa Darshanapur said, "We need an independent team of experts to give its report, based on which we can move forward. Health of the people is of paramount importance. The project is not as important as the health of the people at any cost."

He said some "experts and activists" visited the village a couple of months ago airing serious concerns about water contamination and radiation-related health problems spreading even to 25 or 40 km from Gogi.

"Resistance to the project will grow going forward," Darshanapur said, adding that with reports of Australia agreeing to supply uranium to India, people are asking the need to take up the project in Gogi.