Gurgaon: A family which had been forced to flee from village had sought euthanasia but later changed their stand as villagers came to their support.

A meeting was held here on Sunday evening in which villagers decided to extend help to the hapless family.

According to local grapevine, those who misbehaved with the family members have changed their stand, urging them not to take this extreme step.

Durgesh Bokan who is pleading the case of the affected family said the victims would put across their points in the court on Monday.

What is most astonishing is that police personnel have changed their statement after the incident was reported in media and Police Commissioner gave an order to probe the case.

Notably, the head of Bairagi family, Shyamlal(70), had urged the President for allowing to opt for euthanasia. He accused a few influential villagers of beating and compelling them to vacate ancestral house located at Badhwari.

“We have been loitering around the road for the last two months”, said Shyamlal.

He alleged that it has become a practice that the dominating people of the village misbehave with the family members of lower caste.

JPN\ Bureau