Mumbai: Actor Vinay Pathak recently sang and shot for a song for 'Bheja Fry 2'.

The shoot of the track on Friday at Madh Island, finally marks the wrap-up of Sagar Ballary's sequel to his 2007 critically-acclaimed flick.

Director Sagar Ballary explains, "In the first part, Vinay’s character, Bharat Bhushan, always wanted to be a singer. In the second outing, he finally achieves his dream.”
He also says,“Moreover, Vinay has sung the song himself. He had recorded it in a studio earlier and was pretty excited about crooning. This is also the first time that he is singing in a film."

The track goes “Jeevan Ye Saral Hai Seedhi Si Lakeer, Bahey Yeh Chal Chal Jaise Gangaji Ka Neer”.
The music is composed by Sneha Khanvilkar.

For the last couple of months there had been all kinds of buzz about the project which included a delay as well as budgetary concerns.

In March, Ballary had visited Singapore to can some portions of the film leading to more speculation about the film's shoot schedules.

Ballary says, "It was important to include those scenes for the film as we have shot a major chunk. These things were important for the film and needed to be added and now that it is finally done, we can incorporate it and begin the marketing."