Mohali: About 25 vintage cars of different models from 1925 to 1965 participated in the Mohali vintage car rally on Thursday. It was evident by seeing the cars that these cars would have been pampered by its owners. On the first glimpse, it was looking like these cars have just rolled out from the show-room.

1925 model Austin Chummi, 1939 model Sunbeam Talbot and 1947 model Austin-10 were among the oldest car that participated.

Joy was visible on the face of Balbir Singh, who was sitting with his family on his favourite car 1925 model Austin Chummi. He took this car in the year 2000 for almost free and after that he has pampered this car like his baby and as well imported parts from abroad to make it the way it was looking.  It took him 2.5 years to make up the car.

Owner of Sunbeam Talbot, Ret. Capt. Charanjeet Vohra has said that this car belonged to the Nizam of Hyderabad. After his death in 1970, this car had been bought by an Air force officer in the auction. He bought this car from the officer by paying just Rs 2,500 in five installments of Rs 500 each in 1975. However, despite big offer prices that came to sell this off, he is not willing to sell the car at any cost. 

Owner of 1947 Austin-10, Chandigarh based Tepash Sharma has said that he bought this car from an IAS officer Laxmi Narayan in 1979 at Rs 1,200. Recently he shelled out Rs 15,000 to change tyres of the car. He said that apart from this car he is also owning 1956 and 1962 model Fiat cars. Whereas mistakenly he sold out his Mercedes on which Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had enjoyed drive on his Chandigarh tour in 1964.