The two-day rally '21 Gun Salute International Vintage Car Rally and Auto Show' flagged off by the Maharaja of Baroda Samarjit Singh Gaekwad on Saturday featured over 100 vintage cars including 1929 Rolls Royce and 1933 Hudson.
There were also 25 vintage bikes of different makes and models. "It's a doubly historical edition, as the rally was flagged of from Red Fort, also the Archaeological Survey of India had set up special Braille boards around the Fort to enable the visually challenged," said Madan Mohan, Managing Director Deneb and Pollux group, which is organising the show.
"The first five cars in the rally had visually challenged children in them," he added.
Proceeds collected from the entry fee to the event will go to an institute in Uttar Pradesh, the organisers said. This is the fourth edition of the International Vintage Car Rally and Auto Show, and featured cars imported from UK and US.
Vintage models of companies like Ford, Chevrolet, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin participated in the event.
"There is just one idea behind this rally, that the younger generation who hasn't seen cars that are from pre-war era, from 1960s get to witness this beauty, so that they can witness the evolution of cars over centuries," Mohan said.
The rally made its way from Red Fort, passing through Qutub Minar, Safdarjung Tomb and other landmarks in Delhi and culminated at Gurgaon.
Some of the vehicles were over 100 years old and required months of trials and service runs before they became suitable to be exhibited.
"It was crazy, the minute people saw these beauties, they would click pictures, ask questions about their price, maintenance and performance," Mohan said.     

Many Indian car manufacturers and company heads participated in the event.