Researchers at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Centre El Paso (TTUHSC) found that children who lived in Juarez have high levels of behavioural and emotional problems.
The finding suggests that the mental health of children was negatively affected by exposure to the mass murders and acts of terror, like kidnappings, bombings and decapitations, related to the city's drug violence.
Researchers compared the mental health of children living in El Paso to that of those living in its neighbouring city Juarez.
Data was gathered from more than 600 child behavioural checklists (CBCL) that had been filled out by parents in Juarez and El Paso in 2010.
Each child was between the age of 18 months and 5 years old and was classified as low-income.
After analysing data collected from both groups, researchers found that the prevalence of issues like depression, aggression, anxiety, withdrawal and attention deficit disorder were three times higher in children living in Juarez.

The findings were published in the journal Salud Mental.


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