Omar also lashed out at universities and state authorities for their failure to protect Kashmiri students.

 “Let's beat patriotism in to Kashmiri students, why don't we. Great way to remove any fear or sense of alienation among Kashmiris. Thugs!!!” Omar tweeted on Monday morning.

“If the universities or state authorities can't protect Kashmiri students coming there then man up & admit your inability or unwillingness,” he added.
Omar said he is sending the Resident Commissioner from Delhi to visit the university and added that he would decide on further steps after considering all the facts.

“I'm sending the Resident Commissioner from Delhi to visit the university in question to ascertain all the facts before deciding next steps,” Omar tweeted.

The battered Kashmiri students in a university in Greater Noida alleged that they were forced to shout anti-Pakistan slogans by a group of inebriated students.

Down in the mouth by such maltreatment, around 100 Kashmiri students protested with their bags packed against the university officials for their failure to provide them security and inaction.

A Kashmiri student staying in Noida sector 62 told JagranPost that these kinds of discriminatory attitude towards them have become a norm now.

“When I came to Delhi for the first time, I was hauled by cops here who behaved rather rudely with me and harassed me by accusing me pointlessly of carrying weapons,” said Bilal Ahmed, who is a student and works part time in Noida.

“What happened with these Kashmiri students is very depressing but unsurprising. Strict action should be taken against these miscreants,” he added.

“You want Kashmir but Kashmiri people are not wholeheartedly welcomed here and mistreated by few. However, there are lots of good people too, in fact, mostly people like me from Kashmir are treated nicely,” he further said.

This case is reminiscent of an incident in March when a university in Uttar Pradesh had sent back 67 Kashmiri students to their homes for celebrating Pakistan’s victory over India in a cricket match.

In another similar incident on March 8, six students of Sharda University in Greater Noida were expelled from hostel in connection with a clash following an India-Pakistan cricket match.


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