Mumbai: If you're the kind that takes your cellphone everywhere from the dinner table to the loo, you'll love the Violight UV Sanitizer, that claims to zap 99 percent of germs, including E.Coli bacteria and the H1N1 virus, from your beloved ear candy.

Considering recent reports suggest that your phone and keyboard carry more viruses than your toilet seat, three minutes of slime-slaughter may not be such a bad idea, we think. While there's no way to actually test the manufacturer's claims that the Violight uses technology similar to the one used to sanitise hospital equipment -- a germicidal UV bulb -- we did love the warm placebo effect of having given our phone a good, clean rub.

The battery-powered Violight features a basket into which you can pop your cellphone, earbuds, iPod and what-not, and then place in into the slot at the base, before covering it with a cylindrical silver hood.

Three minutes later, during which we intently watched a sinister blue light dim and dip through a slim glass fa ade, we picked up our phone, supposedly germ-free, happy in the belief that the next time we held it to our ear, it would be really clean.

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