There were reports that the 'Airlift' star would be part of Vipul's "Commando 2", which stars Vidyut, though not as an actor but a consultant and advisor.
When asked about it, Vidyut said, "I had a conversation with Vipul the other day but he did not mention anything of this sort. I don't have any clue about this but Vipul has told me, 'I think it would be great if you and Akshay do an action movie together.' Vipul wants to make an action film with both of us."
Just four-film-old, Vidyut has made a mark in the industry with his action-packed roles and the actor said he takes it seriously and wants to promote martial arts and other such art forms through his work.

"It feels great that people recognise me with the action I have done in movies. I have met many young boys, who told me that they joined Army after watching 'Commando'. That's wonderful and such reactions inspire me to work harder.
"It is not an easy industry to be in, so, it's important to have an X-factor or an edge over others. My training in martial arts is one such thing which gives me that edge over my contemporaries. I want to use it to my advantage."



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