Mumbai: At a recent stage show, stand-up comedian Vir Das had to undergo a mini-tragedy. Not only did a burly man heckle him during an ongoing performance, the same man in question even tried to snatch his mic out of his hands. However, the comedian-actor prefers to make light of the situation.

Vir was apparently performing a song that was a humorous take on moobs (man b**bs). He says, “I was performing with my band in Gurgaon at an outdoor venue. It was going great and suddenly, out of nowhere, this huge man sprang onto the platform and started grabbing my mic. He wanted to stop the performance but the audience clearly wanted the show to go on. Moreover, he was not only drunk but was also very abusive.”

Thankfully, the security took charge of the situation and escorted the trespasser out of the park. They even refunded him his ticket money. “I’m an avid follower of my own policy which states that if you don’t like my show, you can have your cash back.”Vir Das is having six releases lined up for next year. “You’ll be seeing a lot of me in Hindi films. I somehow manage to act, compose music, write songs, sing and crack jokes for a living!,” he quips.


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