Whether they openly admit to it or not, one thing is for sure, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are surely dating. If our sources are to be believed, the cricketer reached Mumbai around 11.15 pm after the recently concluded Test tour in South Africa.

While the other players left in the bus, Virat was seen waiting around for around 20 minutes at the airport. Soon, Anushka Sharma’s grey coloured 7272 Range Rover entered the scene -- in which Virat’s luggage was loaded.

Apparently the car was only for his baggage as Virat sat in a white Audi number 9045 and left from the airport.

The young cricketer reached the actress’s place after midnight and till the time the story went into print (late Wednesday afternoon), he was said to be stationed at Anushka’s place.

A source close to the actor adds, “Anushka and Virat meet often and they are not generally seen going out. They go for long drives and whenever Virat is in town, he spends most of his free time with Anushka. That’s about it.”

The two apparently became close after they shot for a shampoo ad together. Earlier, the couple was spotted together in Anushka’s car near Versova and then after sometime, she was seen planting a kiss on Virat when she accompanied him to the parking of her building.

Courtesy: Mid-day

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