Under Kohli's captaincy, RCB has lost six out of the 10 games and one of India's finest captain feels that it has got to do with the kind of pressure Virat is taking on himself.

"Probably, it's time he (Kohli) needs to sit back and think about his captaincy. I had a word with Gautam Gambhir seven-eight days back asking him to look at captaincy in a different way and I feel it is time for Virat also to look at captaincy in a different way," Ganguly told website 'gocricket.com' today.

According to Ganguly, the rigours of captaincy at some point of time affects everyone subconsciously.

"All of us get caught up with captaincy -- need to get the team right, team meetings, need to set this right and set that right etc. Somehow subconsciously we get so much caught up with captaincy that our own game takes a backseat. Therefore my good advice to Virat would be to concentrate on scoring runs and think about captaincy only when he leads the side onto the field. T20 cricket in any case is a very short format and an innings ends in an hour and 15 minutes. From my own experience, I developed a policy of taking on-the-spot decisions while leading the side," Ganguly said.

Ganguly said in no uncertain terms that captaincy has a direct correlation with the individual's performance.

"Captaincy is directly related to how you peform. Look at Gautam Gambhir's performance.  Look at the first three matches and the last three matches when he has scored runs.

He has looked authorities, taking decisions and looked confident. It has huge connection with his performance in the last three games."

Ganguly believes that for Kohli, who has been India's best batsman in all formats across last four years (keeping Sachin Tendulkar in mind), it will be a "minor mental adjustment" which he can do.

"T20 is a game where an innings ends in an hour and 15 minutes. In any case, you can't make too many changes as you can in a Test match. For a young captain like Kohli, he should focus on his batting as too much planning can get you mentally tired and I can see that happening with Kohli.”

"It's a minor adjustment, something you learn as captain, nobody is a born captain. You learn to adjust and look at things differently. Probably, he can work with the likes of Daniel Vettori, Allan Donald, who can keep him fresh before the start of the game."


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