Patna: Visiting China won’t be a distant dream for any common man now. With the World Bank funding for the project of linking the Asian countries through roads, the dreams of many to visit any of the Asian countries would very soon come true.

Notably, the project which would link not only India, but also many Asian countries through Asian Highway as the pact was signed long ago. However, with NHAI getting the authorization to conduct the survey, the matter has slightly moved forward.

Even, the Ministry of Transport and Highways has started holding talks with all those states from where the Asian Highway would be linked.

People of Bihar till date were going to Nepal through the road ways, but now talks are on that they would be going to China via road.

As per the alignment decided for the six lane road, a stretch of 690 km would be constructed in Bihar. Also, cars only traveling to any Asian countries would be allowed to run on this six-lane road. The lane would be operating on the lines of the Express highway.

The Asian highway which would run through Bihar is Asian Highway number-1. The lane would run through Barhi in Jharkhand to connect with Bihar.

From Barhri, the lane would run through Dobhi and Rajoli. Then it would be brought to Bakhtiyarpur. After Bakhtiyarpur it would be run towards Begusarai through Mokama.

After passing through all these areas, it would run towards Asian Highway NH-28. The six-lane road would be connected to Nepal through Piprakothi and Rachel, also connecting itself to NH-28 A.

Thereafter, this road would connect Nepal and China also.

JPN/ Bureau