With the scores reading 4-2 in favour of Carlsen and just six games to come, the Norwegian is well on track to win his maiden world title in his first match itself.

Carlsen has clearly dictated the course of the match so far and Anand needs to do a 'Houdini' of sorts if he has to remain in the match. As things stand, Carlsen needs just 2.5 points in the next six games to prove youth's supremacy over experience.

While the championship started on a predictable course no one had expected Anand to cave in so easily. The defending champion is feeling the heat and the way the last two losses have come, they are sure to dampen the spirits.

Carlsen had started as the favourite and he is living upto that. Everyone, who understands chess, knows his style, which are long and tiring grinds where he creates complications out of nothing and then almost hypnotises opponents into making mistakes.

This has been the hallmark of the world number one and in this championship too, he has carried on in similar vein. Anand has been looking at forcing variations both as white and black but has not succeeded as Carlsen's plans have proved to be better.

One Caro Kann and two Berlin defense in the three black games have given nothing away to Anand and the Indian in fact has found very little going his way.


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