The much-anticipated event will start from Saturday. Previewing the World Championship, Kasparov was full of praise for the Indian.
"Anand is a fantastic chess player who brings honour to the sport and to his nation with his skill and his boundless good nature. If he wins this match his high place on chess
Olympus is assured," Kasparov said.
Citing his familiarity with both players the Russian, who ruled the chess world for over 20 years, though predicted a Carlsen victory. "I am predicting a Carlsen victory because of his talent, his results, and the tides of chess history. I am rooting for a Carlsen victory because a new generation deserves a new champion.
"Most of all, I am hoping for big games, a hard fight, and a great boost for chess around the world as a legend and a legend-in-the-making do battle in Chennai," Kasparov wrote in 'Business Insider'.
Kasparov, however, noted that it will not be easy for Carlsen. "This is one of the most anticipated matches in recent history and it is no insult to Anand, that most of the anticipation circles around the 22-year-old challenger.
"Carlsen is the favourite because results and objective quality must matter, but it will not be easy and it is not difficult to imagine a scenario in which he loses the match. Anand has deep experience at every level and that carries with it practical preparation advantages as well as psychological preparedness."


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