Bryne (Norway): Fresh from a brilliant victory against Bulgarian Veselin Topalov, world champion Viswanathan will next take on Hikaru Nakamura of United States in the fourth round of Norway chess 2013 Super Tournament.
The three rounds for Anand have been contrasting so far. It was s sedate start with an easy draw as white against Levon Aronian of Armenia and then a kind of moral victory when Anand gave away nothing to his world championship challenger Magnus Carlsen of Norway and drew again.
The third-round win against Topalov is sure to find its way in the history books of the future as Anand played one of his best games in recent times.
Contrary to what the pundits had expected, Sergey Karjakin of Russia is running away from everyone else. It is hard to find an instance in the recent past when someone has started off with three victories in as many games in a super tournament and the Russian has done exactly that.
With his 100 per cent score, Karjakin is ahead of Anand and Aronian by a full point but it's still early days. In high level tournaments like these, well begun remains half done but the other half is always tougher.
Two of Karjakin's three wins have come against Wang Hao of China and Jon Ludvig Hammer of Norway who both are the last two placed contestants right now.
A real surprise has been world number one Carlsen who is yet to taste his first victory in the tournament. With three draws, the Norwegian super star shares the fourth spot along with Nakamura, Peter Svidler of Russia and Teimour Radjabov of Azerbaijan.


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