Mumbai: The ‘Prince’ star Vivek Oberoi will get inked for the first time and he's doing it to surprise his wife.
Says a source close to Vivek, "Priyanka has a tattoo on her back and though Vivek Oberoi hasn't got one yet, he's excited about getting one.

He hit upon an idea for the design on the couple's recent visit to Bali. The Bollywood star might get the tattoo on a secret place and it will be for Priyanka's eyes only.

He's acting in two films - Zilla Ghaziabad and Krrish 2 and wants to sport a tattoo in one of the projects. He has decided on a cool design he discovered while holidaying in Bali with his wife but wants to improvise on it."

What a Bali idea!

The source adds, "Vivek's Balinese holiday saw him attend friend Tupur Chatterjee's wedding and spend quality time indulging in adventure sports with his wife.
He also kept busy inquiring about the best tattoo artist around. He has also enquired about tattoo artists in Los Angeles and Miami.

The tattoo and its modern, ultra-cool design is a super secret and Vivek wants to surprise his wife with it. It will be hidden from view and will be meant for Priyanka's eyes."

Promoting art and culture

Currently, Vivek is in Goa with Priyanka. "Vivek is the guest of the Chief Minister of Goa to inaugurate the first handicrafts exhibition held to promote the local artists and culture.

He will come back to start shooting for Zilla Ghaziabad and Krrish2. Vivek plays a witty professor who outsmarts the law in Zilla Ghaziabad."

Kangana's new tattoo

After a tattoo on her neck Kangna Ranaut has again got a tattoo done on her leg. Her tattoo artist Sameer Patange at his Kraayonz Tattoo Studio had inked a warrior angel on her neck.

Now Sameer yet again has inked an angel on her leg. It took 30 minutes to do it. A source reveals, "Kangna goes by her instincts and strongly believes they govern us.

Kangna loves angels and seeks their guidance in the smallest of things. Hence the angel tattoo."