"Everything must be done to guarantee the security of international experts at the site of the tragedy," Putin, wearing a dark suit and a black tie, said in televised comments.
He reiterated his belief that the incident would not have happened if Ukrainian government forces had not ended a truce and resumed a military campaign against the pro-Russian separatists who have risen up in eastern Ukraine.
"However nobody should - and no one has the right to - use this tragedy to achieve selfish political ends. Such events should not divide people, but unite them," he said.

Putin blames others for exploiting Ukraine crash

Russian President Vladimir Putin has lambasted those who use the downing of a passenger jet in eastern Ukraine for "mercenary objectives," the Kremlin said.
In a statement posted on the Kremlin website, Putin again lashed out at Ukraine for ongoing violence with pro-Russian rebels in the eastern part of the country.
He says the tragedy is being used for others' "mercenary objectives," although he does not say specifically who.
Putin also says he supports a crash investigation by a "full team of experts" under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation, a UN agency.

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