Caracas: Vladimir Putin has offered aid from Russian doctors to Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez for his further recovery.

He voiced the offer during a telephone conversation on Thursday.

"The conversation between the leaders of Venezuela and Russia, which continued about 20 minutes, was in a friendly atmosphere, and during it the head of Russia's government forwarded to President Chavez wishes for soonest recovery and expressed confidence that soon he will restore the health," Venezuela's Foreign Ministry said.

Vladimir Putin expressed readiness "of Russian authorities to provide the Russia's scientific potential and medical infrastructures for the recovery of President Chavez."

Chavez commented on the recently expressed views of Putin about the world economy and agreed that "the world is facing the threat of a structure crisis, which continues in the economy of the USA. Facing the crisis, Chavez and Putin made a decision to undertake additional efforts for strengthening the bilateral economic ties."

Russia's prime minister welcomed the decision of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to acknowledge that Venezuela's deposits of oil are the biggest in the world.