Moscow: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Thursday suggested installing webcams at polling stations to avoid dissent at the presidential elections in March.
Putin dismissed as minor the protests over alleged fraud during the Dec 4 parliamentary election.

During a televised question-answer session with the nation, Putin said the opposition should have full confidence over the conduct of the March elections, which he is widely expected to win.

He asked for web cameras to be installed at every polling station in order to snub “those who seek to delegitimise the state power in Russia”.

“Let them work round the clock, night and day, transmitting everything onto the internet so that the country can see what is happening at a specific ballot box, to remove any falsifications altogether,” he said.

Independent election monitoring organisation Golos said it has logged more than 7,000 reports of fraud.

The disputed election result triggered a protest movement, with protesters demanding a recount of votes or a re-run.

Dec 10 saw a large protest, with thousands of people turning up in Moscow alone. Rallies were also held in St. Petersburg and other cities.